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Transition Service

We provide the focus required for transition from Day Care services into independent living. This can be done up to 12 months in advance because we realise that transition is very important to each adult. Transition can take many different forms and is tailored on a Person-Centred approach according to the needs of the individual.

The service is used by young adults moving into adult services. Transition provides them and their families and carers with a range of information, guidance and support to live the life they chose as they move into adult services.

Moving from child to adult services can be complex, exciting and challenging. We help to ensure that all the relevant professionals and agencies are involved throughout the transition process with tailor maid visits to the Day Centre to suit the individual needs.

We work with everyone concerned to simplify the process by creating a Transition Plan which supports the individual's desire and aspirations.

We can help with support during visits to new residential settings to provide support for families and carers to ensure a smooth transition into supported living. Our sister company can also provide staff to provide daily support within the new residential setting.

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