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My overall experience of this provider has been very positive. This is a service that values highly a person centred approach in supporting service users. It can be seen how the team have worked very effectively in providing interventions  / support and forward planning which in my experience has promoted strongly service users gaining from community inclusion and independence. Another strong aspect of this model of support is that the team and leaders have shown a robust capability in supporting more complex service users, and have demonstrated a strong commitment in providing such service users with opportunities to grow and develop as individuals. In my opinion this is a dynamic and forward thinking organisation that is in many ways a model of excellence - John - Professional Agency

It’s very rare that I will email a care provider after a training session but I felt I should after spending the day with some of the Bright Opportunities staff team yesterday. It was a genuine pleasure spending the day with them. All in the group were friendly, engaging and really participated well. In addition, I initially arrived at the Day Centre by mistake and the two staff members that greeted me were incredibly helpful. The entire group were understanding and patient regards the slight delay at the very start of the day. It was my first time working with the care provider and they have given me a fantastic impression and I think at times it’s important that this is fed back. Please pass on my compliments to the group. Many thanks, Stuart

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