Accessing Our Services

The first step towards accessing care services always begin with a needs assessment by a Social Worker. 


If you have no social worker you will need to call Derbyshire county council adult care and request a worker.

You will be allocated one.

Your Social Worker will identify local providers of the services you need. They will arrange for you (or your advocate / family) to meet the providers you are interested in, so that you can decide upon who will provide your care.

You have the choice of receiving a direct payment. This means that you will receive money directly from your local authority to pay for the services you want to buy, allowing you to purchase care services of your choice.

If you have received an assessment and would like to access our services please contact your social worker or care manager, or get in touch with us by using our Contact Page or ring us.


We will review if we are able to offer our support and if this is possible, will make all the necessary arrangements so you can access our service.

Direct Payments / Personal Budget

Individuals who have Direct Payments can either use the money they receive to purchase services recommended by social services or to buy their own care services. Many people who choose to have direct payments feel that they have more choice and control over the services they can receive.

We can help with the process and organisation of direct payments / personal budget or alternative funding options. For more information, please contact us.
For more detailed information on Direct Payments you can visit the Derbyshire County Council Social Health website below:-

If you do not have a direct payment, we can contract with Derbyshire County Council and arrange payments via a purchase order set up by adult care social worker so you don’t have the hassle of sorting monthly invoices and managing finances.


This is called a virtual budget.

Buying our services directly


If you want to access any of our Day or Domiciliary Care Services you can enquire to us directly and we will meet you, complete an assessment of needs and then set up a private purchase agreement. 

You do not need to go via adult care or your social worker.


Prices variety for packages of care we provide depending on assessment of needs.



We no longer provide meals at the Day Centre because of Covid-19 restrictions as the kitchen is closed to limit contact.


We ask all clients to bring a packed lunch


Hot drinks our available throughout the day and free water fountains are throughout the building.

We have an in-house tuck shop and fresh fruit is always available.

How we work

Everybody is different. We don’t just acknowledge that we celebrate it, and that means offering more than a standard, one-size-fits-all service. It means delivering specifically tailored support for every single person we work with, custom made to fit them.

As an organisation, we always look beyond a person’s disability. We work with individuals, their families and carers to really understand the challenges they face and the support that will best meet their particular needs. We work together to develop creative yet practical solutions that match each person’s abilities and goals, giving them the tools they need to thrive and enjoy a fulfilling, happy life.

How we do this

  • Having a flexible approach, we adapt to meet each individual’s needs, capabilities and choices across a wide range of service models.

  • Delivering bespoke and specialised support for people with complex needs.

  • Having dedicated staff teams with significant experience in supporting people to create an independent life moving into an environment they can call home.

  • Setting ourselves high standards, consistently working to get better and placing great value on new ideas